Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Happy Mama

    It's hard to describe in words what it feels like to watch this healthy little boy grow and learn.  The excitement I feel when he finds something new makes every day worth it.  Of course, before Johnathon every day felt "worth it" but now I have a reason to be amazing every day.  I want the best for him which means I have to be my best every day in every way.  Of course some days I feel less than worth the amazing family I have the amazing fortune of being in, but that's all the more reason to feel amazing.  So as I watch my little boy grow and my path as a mother unfold I feel excitement and hope.  The gift of Johnathon's health and happy demeanor, along with my stable and happy marriage, makes me look forward to having another little one in the future.  That is a gift that is un-describable!

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