Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Daddy

    I've been thinking about babies and their daddies lately.  The mommy/baby bond is fairly easy to accomplish especially if you are breast feeding, but what about the daddy/baby bond?! 
    Our friend Kirsten recently posted to facebook a video of her husband and Baby Daddy making their son, Finn, smile and it was oh so precious...that little boy obviously loves his daddy.  On the same token that daddy obviously loves to spend time with his baby. 
    I've also had the joy of watching my own dad be a daddy again.  He has two young sons, Colton who is 3 and Jake who is almost 2.  Both of the boys run to the door when he comes home, they just can't get enough of their daddy! 
    Even more fun has been watching my husband and Baby Daddy form the bond that he has with our son Johnathon.  I know he is only 5 months old but I swear he just lights up when his daddy comes home, and his daddy lights up even brighter!  It is very obvious that they love spending time together, I don't even have to beg my Baby Daddy to spend time with his baby because that is all he wants to do! 
    So, if you have a wonderful Baby Daddy in your life give him a hug and words of encouragement because the work that he is doing now will last a lifetime.  If you are a Baby Daddy and you don't spend quality time with that baby of yours well my friend you are missing out!  If you are a Baby Daddy that is doing the good work well props to, and thank you!

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