Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bird Dog?

    We have a beautiful, wonderful, sweet, gentle bird dog named Hans.  He is a German Shorthaired Pointer who loves camping, hiking and chasing the occasional bird.  So why is there a question mark after "Bird Dog?"  Well, every spring a family of Mocking Birds moves in to the tree next to our backyard.  These birds are very aggressive and territorial.  We have witnessed, on many occasions, them dive bombing our precious Bird Dog!  Last year Hans resorted to peeing and pooping in the house because he was so scared to go outside.  This year the pattern seems to be repeating itself.  My first instinct is to get mad at Hans and tell him to stand up for himself be the Bird Dog and chase them away!  Then, I look into his big brown petrified eyes, and all I want to do is pillage those birds' nests so that they will leave my Hans be.  However, pillaging a bird's nest would not be very humane or neighborly of me.  What's a "Bird Dog's" mommy to do?

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