Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our First Family Vacation!

This is Johnny on the plane to Miami.  He was such a good little boy!  One of my wonderful customers at the bank gave me a gift card to Target so we got him an Elmo to hopefully keep him busy on the plane! 
This is mommy feeding Johnny at the Miami airport while we waited for the plane to Jamaica!  We had a great view of the rain.
Johnathon and his little bouncing ball were a magnet for all of the other kids in the airport.  It was cute watching them pass it back and forth and learning Spanish from the little boy in the picture.
Finally, we made it to the beach!  This is the very first time Johnathon touched beach sand, and he will never be the same!  He loved the beach and the sand so much.
We loved the people in Jamaica, and they loved Johnny!  We went across the street to do some shopping and a gal ran up to us with her 4 month baby named OJ, they were instant friends.
This is the the happy family on the balcony of our room during a rain storm.
This is called a Bob Marley....enough said.
Chris and I have been on vacation with each other before but this felt like a real family vacation.  We are so happy to have our family, and to be able to go on adventures happily with each other.  Looking forward to many many more with our Johnny.  Ya Mon, no problem!