Saturday, August 27, 2011

Johnny's 1st Birthday

    Before I begin the fun and awesome part I want to share a little of my heart because, there isn't my son's first birthday with out all of my heart being out there.  This first year of Johnny's life, as an outside baby (as Alicia Marshall would say) has been nothing short of an adventure!  From pregnancy to birth to learning how to care for this innocent, fragile little baby it has been the most amazing adventure of my life.  And Johnathon, words just can't even describe this amazing little person, but I shall try.  He is kind, generous, timid, loving, and funny as all get out!  We are so excited for Johnny's life and so many more birthdays!  Having all of you there in person and in spirit just makes it that much sweeter.
                                                      The Birthday Party

 We played a Johnny themed game!  Guests had to try to put the Johnny and elephant pictures in the correct order from 1 mo to 1 yr.  If they got it right they got a bottle of wine, and no cheating by looking on FB!

These are the party favors.  They had rocket ship stickers and Cardinals footballs in them!

This is Johnny's fabulous Birthday Cake created by Charlene Sharp, the Cupcake Queen!

A little of the Rocket Ship decor...

Eli, Johnny's Fashionista/Cousin!

 Our friend Hannah!
 Dad, Great Gpa Bob, and Great Uncle Jerry
The GodParents!

Same hairstyle as daddy just parted on the opposite side!

 Tiger and Eli

Cake time!

 Time for the Rocket Show!  It was a success and so much fun to watch my husband build those rockets over the last couple of weeks.

And, nobody got the month pictures correct.  So guess who has 5 bottles of wine....This mama!!

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