Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Refresh Button

    I have decided to hit the refresh button on Rani!  There is no going back so no need to pretend there is a re-do button.  Besides how boring a life that would be, I would just be constantly going back and re-doing stupid stuff I said!  Oh darnit, I forgot to tell so and so how much they meant to me, or I forgot to ask them how their trip's sad to say but I think that's what I would spend my time doing if there was such a thing.  So, how about a "Refresh Button"?  You can push the button any time you want, you just have to be prepared to actually be refreshed.  For example, as I look back at the last few months I realize I haven't been kind enough, patient enough, or purposeful enough.  Therefor, my "Refresh Button" gives me the opportunity to purposefully change that for at least a little while, until I forget or something big happens in life, or perhaps I hit the "Refresh Button" again for a new reason.  No, it's not a New Year's Resolution, or a Middle of the Year Resolution, it's just a way to make myself better tomorrow!  Oh and by the way it works best if the people in your life know that you've pushed it....

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